Sarge & Ginger

Batman and Robin. Astaire and Rogers. There are some dynamic duos that stand above the crowd. Sarge and Ginger are just such a pair.

Sarge earned the name “bossy paws” for his propensity to try to get his people to do things HIS way. That includes killing every weed his Dad tries to throw in the wheelbarrow.

When that doesn’t fly, he goads his sister into doing the dirty deed [counter surfing, sock stealing, couch lounging], then sits back and enjoys the fruits of her labors.

Sarge lives up to his name in every way. He likes order and consistency and crosses his paws when he lays down to survey his domain.

After losing their beloved Rott to cancer, Rhonda and Sam Gurgone decided the time had come to fill the emptiness with another black and tan canine. Sarge quickly fit right in, helping Mom work out with long walks through the nearby woods.

But something, or make that someone, was missing. Ginger elegantly stepped into the void. A gorgeous, typey female Rott, Ginger is a complete smarty pants and Xtreme escape artist. Mom even caught her opening Sarge’s crate so he could come out and play.

Although Ginger has just one eye, she still can spot a squirrel a block away. Adopted just one year apart, Ginger and Sarge became fast friends instantly, defending their turf from rabbits, frogs and anything that wiggles or crawls. Love bugs and treat hogs both, Sarge and Ginger keep things interesting for their owners, who wouldn’t have it any other way.

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