5 Reasons to Adopt a THORR Dog

1. A Sound Temperament.
Each and every THORR dog is assessed by a certified behavioral specialist before being accepted into the rescue. That means an expert has evaluated your dog and determined it to have a sound temperament suitable for a family home. Dogs will be dogs, but you know that every effort has been made to ensure that you adopt a dog with a reliable, steady outlook.

2. Complete Vetting.
THORR goes beyond the standard vaccinations and neutering, spending thousands of dollars on a dog as needed. The rescue has successfully nursed animals through arduous and expensive heartworm treatment, and paid for surgeries to repair conditions ranging from entropion eyelids to ACL tears to hip dysplasia.

3. Lifetime Support.
Just as you commit to your dog for a lifetime, THORR commits to be with you for the life of your adopted dog. If you have a question about anything from feeding raw to travel tips to trainer recommendations, or simply wish to share Happy Tales about your new family member, THORR is just a phone call away, willing to help.

4. Starter Kit.
When you adopt a THORR dog, you get a starter kit full of suggestions for making the transition as smooth as possible for your entire family. We include a checklist of materials to have on hand when your new dog arrives [things like pumpkin for an upset stomach or Rescue Remedy to calm your pet’s nerves], suggestions for acclimating your dog to his new environment and tips on basic training.

5. Obedience Basics to CGC-Ready.
THORR has a unique program in place designed to introduce each dog to basic obedience skills such as leash manners and simple commands [come, sit, down, stay]. If desired, an adoptive family can make arrangements for intensive training so their dog is ready to take the American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen [T.M.] test the day of adoption.

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